BMRSG08ENAW Bmrsg08enaw:7.9 Cu Ft Single D
Haier Replacement Parts
Model Number
Bmrsg08enaw:7.9 Cu Ft Single D
Haier America offers affordable, quality, energy efficient air conditioners, televisions, refrigerators, washers and other home, laundry and kitchen appliances. Haier designs inspired appliances with features youll want to post aboutand with looks youll want to show off. The shine of stainless steel and the glint of glass accented with sturdy grates and Euro-styled handles. These arent your grandmothers appliances. Theyre made for people like you who want to take care of the menial and get back to the meaningful without sacrificing style. Haier relentlessly strives for innovations and changes, hoping to lead the future life styles and improve environment performance with all-new concepts, technologies, products and services in a unique way.

Part List

CategoryPart NumberDescriptionDemandAvailability
RF-0140-23Haier Axle-doorNo
RF-0668-41Haier BoardNo
RF-0750-21Haier BoltNo
RF-0750-20Haier BoltNo
RF-0750-22Haier BoltNo
RF-0800-65Haier BoxNo
RF-0800-66Haier Box - ThermostatNo
RF-1150-09Haier Bushing-doorNo
RF-1300-289Haier CabinetNo
RF-1750-267Haier CompressorNo
RF-1800-95Haier CondenserNo
Haier Cord-powerNo
RF-1950-547Haier Cover - Compressor KNo
RF-1950-546Haier Cover - Crisper DrawNo
RF-1950-544Haier Cover - DoorNo
RF-1950-542Haier Cover - LightNo
RF-1950-541Haier Cover - Screw HoleNo
RF-1950-543Haier Cover - Screw HoleNo
RF-1950-545Haier Cover - TopNo
RF-2300-540Haier Door - FreezerNo
RF-2300-541Haier Door - RefrigeratorNo
RF-2370-14Haier Drawer - CrisperNo
RF-3100-196Haier Gasket - FreezerNo
RF-3100-198Haier Gasket - HandleNo
RF-3100-197Haier Gasket - RefrigeratoNo
RF-3350-109Haier Handle - DoorNo
RF-3350-110Haier Handle - Rf DoorNo
RF-3450-284Haier HingeNo
RF-3450-283Haier Hinge - BottomNo
RF-3450-280Haier Hinge - DoorNo
RF-3450-281Haier Hinge - Door BottomNo
RF-3450-282Haier Hinge - PinNo
RF-3500-06Haier Holder-lightNo
RF-3745-04Haier IcemakerNo
RF-3845-30Haier Insulation - DoorNo
RF-3845-29Haier Insulation - DoorNo
RF-4000-93Haier Knob-thermostatNo
RF-4150-52Haier Leg-adjustableNo
RF-4150-53Haier Leg-fixedNo
RF-4260-30Haier LightNo
RF-9999-365Haier Manual - Use & CareNo
RF-4800-47Haier Overload - PtcNo
RF-6150-385Haier ScrewNo
RF-6150-351Haier ScrewNo
Haier ScrewNo
GE ScrewShips in 75 days
RF-6150-387Haier Screw-handleNo
WR01X22731GE Screw-legShips in 20 days
RF-6350-383Haier Shelf - AssemblyNo
RF-6350-382Haier Shelf - Assembly RefNo
RF-6350-384Haier Shelf - GlassNo
RF-6350-381Haier Shelf - RefrigeratorNo
RF-6420-21Haier Shim-doorNo
RF-6899-12Haier Stop-doorNo
WR50X20256GE Switch - LightShips in 20 days
RF-7600-184Haier Tray - CompressorNo
RF-7600-185Haier Tray - DripNo
RF-7600-186Haier Tray - EggNo
RF-7600-146Haier Tray-ice ShovelNo
RF-7700-65Haier Trim - Door AngleNo
RF-7700-64Haier Trim - Glass ShelfNo
RF-7700-66Haier Trim - ShelfNo