Haier Replacement Parts
Model Number
Bsc18c: 18K Btu Mini-split Ac
Haier America offers affordable, quality, energy efficient air conditioners, televisions, refrigerators, washers and other home, laundry and kitchen appliances. Haier designs inspired appliances with features youll want to post aboutand with looks youll want to show off. The shine of stainless steel and the glint of glass accented with sturdy grates and Euro-styled handles. These arent your grandmothers appliances. Theyre made for people like you who want to take care of the menial and get back to the meaningful without sacrificing style. Haier relentlessly strives for innovations and changes, hoping to lead the future life styles and improve environment performance with all-new concepts, technologies, products and services in a unique way.

Part List

CategoryPart NumberDescriptionDemandAvailability
AC-0013-50Haier Assembly-capillary TNo
AC-0013-51Haier Assembly-evaporatorNo
AC-0250-47Haier Base-base PanNo
AC-0344-28Haier Bearing-blower BeariNo
AC-0344-29Haier Bearing-motor BearinNo
AC-0600-34Haier Blower-indoor BlowerNo
AC-0668-139Haier Board-terminal BoardNo
AC-0800-193Haier Box-electrical BoxNo
AC-0850-194Haier Bracket-evaporator MNo
AC-0850-196Haier Bracket-motor BrackeNo
AC-1300-80Haier Cabinet-cabinetNo
AC-1640-50Haier Clamp-pipe ClampNo
AC-1640-49Haier Clamp-pipe ClampNo
AC-1640-46Haier Clamp-power Cord ClaNo
AC-1640-44Haier Clamp-power Supply CNo
AC-1692-41Haier Coil-condenser CoilNo
AC-1692-42Haier Coil-evaporator CoilNo
AC-1750-292Haier Compressor-compressoNo
AC-1950-424Haier Cover-electrical BoxNo
AC-1950-421Haier Cover-terminal BoardNo
AC-1950-423Haier Cover-top CoverNo
AC-2750-135Haier Fan-condenser Fan BlNo
AC-2800-143Haier Filter-air FilterNo
AC-3150-160Haier Grill-coil GrillNo
AC-3150-159Haier Grill-discharge GrilNo
AC-3150-161Haier Grill-front GrillNo
AC-3250-12Haier Guard-fan GuardNo
AC-3570-34Haier Hose-drain HoseNo
AC-4340-05Haier Linkage-louver LinkaNo
AC-4340-04Haier Linkage-louver LinkaNo
AC-4440-95Haier Louver-horizontal LoNo
AC-4440-97Haier Louver-left Side LouNo
AC-4440-96Haier Louver-right Side LoNo
Haier Motor-indoor Fan MotYShips in 90 days
AC-4550-377Haier Motor-louver MotorNo
AC-4550-381Haier Motor-outdoor Fan MoNo
Haier P.c.b.-control PcbIn Stock
Haier P.c.b.-pcbYIn Stock
AC-5150-108Haier Pan-drain PanNo
AC-5200-569Haier Panel-corner PanelNo
AC-5200-571Haier Panel-right Side PanNo
AC-5200-570Haier Panel-wire Clamp PanNo
AC-5255-602Haier Pipe-discharge PipeNo
AC-5255-601Haier Pipe-suction PipeNo
AC-5300-423Haier Plate-electrical AssNo
AC-5300-422Haier Plate-installation PNo
AC-5300-421Haier Plate-left PlateNo
AC-5300-419Haier Plate-valve PlateNo
AC-7270-04Haier Terminal-terminalNo
AC-7550-46Haier Transformer-transforNo
AC-7800-161Haier Valve-discharge ValvNo
AC-7800-162Haier Valve-suction ValveNo