Haier Replacement Parts
Model Number
Hph36d1cae: Heat Pack 13-3 Ton
Haier America offers affordable, quality, energy efficient air conditioners, televisions, refrigerators, washers and other home, laundry and kitchen appliances. Haier designs inspired appliances with features youll want to post aboutand with looks youll want to show off. The shine of stainless steel and the glint of glass accented with sturdy grates and Euro-styled handles. These arent your grandmothers appliances. Theyre made for people like you who want to take care of the menial and get back to the meaningful without sacrificing style. Haier relentlessly strives for innovations and changes, hoping to lead the future life styles and improve environment performance with all-new concepts, technologies, products and services in a unique way.

Part List

CategoryPart NumberDescriptionDemandAvailability
AC-0011-008Haier AccumulatorNo
AC-0170-01Haier Band-throatNo
AC-0250-30Haier Base-ass'yNo
AC-0800-211Haier BoxNo
AC-0850-176Haier Bracket-motor, INo
AC-0850-177Haier Bracket-motor, IiNo
AC-1640-38Haier Clamp-condenser ClamNo
AC-1692-25Haier Coil-condenser CoilNo
AC-1692-26Haier Coil-condenser CoilNo
Haier Coil-evaporator CoilIn Stock
AC-1692-22Haier Coil-evaporator CoilNo
AC-1750-312Haier CompressorNo
AC-1830-18Haier Connector-8-pinNo
AC-1830-16Haier Connector-pipeNo
AC-1858-012Haier ContactorNo
AC-2260-01Haier Divider-supply/returNo
Haier Door-blower Access DNo
AC-2300-22Haier Door-condenser CoilNo
AC-2450-16Haier DuctNo
Haier Fan-axial FlowIn Stock
AC-3100-117Haier GasketNo
AC-3150-150Haier Grill-condenser CoilNo
AC-3150-149Haier Grill-condenser CoilNo
AC-3150-140Haier Grill-topNo
AC-3350-38Haier HandleNo
AC-4550-354Haier Motor-blower MotorNo
Haier Motor-condenser FanYIn Stock
AC-5210-217Haier P.c.b.No
AC-5150-105Haier Pan-drain, Ass'yNo
AC-5200-494Haier Panel-coverNo
AC-5200-507Haier Panel-evaporator LefNo
AC-5200-506Haier Panel-evaporator RigNo
AC-5200-509Haier Panel-evaporator SidNo
AC-5200-508Haier Panel-return And SupNo
AC-5200-495Haier Panel-top, Indoor UnNo
AC-5200-486Haier Panel-wire SupportNo
AC-5211-63Haier Partition-electric PNo
AC-5255-658Haier PipeNo
AC-5255-652Haier PipeNo
Haier Pipe-compressor SuctShips in 30 days
AC-5255-545Haier Pipe-condenser DischNo
AC-5255-544Haier Pipe-condenser SuctiNo
AC-5255-505Haier Pipe-connecting, #2No
AC-5255-504Haier Pipe-connecting, #3No
AC-5255-513Haier Pipe-drainage ConnecNo
AC-5255-539Haier Pipe-evaporator DiscNo
AC-5255-537Haier Pipe-evaporator SuctNo
AC-5550-31Haier Rail-corner EvaporatNo
AC-5550-30Haier Rail-middle RailNo
AC-6250-056Haier SensorNo
Haier Sensor-discharge TemNo
Haier Sensor-outdoor CoilNo
AC-6500-62Haier Shroud-condenser FanNo
AC-6610-01Haier Solenoid-4-way ValveNo
AC-7000-72Haier Support-condenser CoNo
AC-7000-70Haier Support-horizontal,No
AC-7000-68Haier Support-side PanelNo
AC-7100-093Haier SwitchNo
AC-7100-092Haier SwitchNo
AC-7550-41Haier TransformerNo
AC-7800-172Haier ValveNo
AC-7800-141Haier Valve-4 Way ValveNo
AC-7800-126Haier Valve-4-wayNo
AC-7800-134Haier Valve-high Side RefrNo
AC-7800-135Haier Valve-low Side RefriNo