Haier Replacement Parts
Model Number
Washer/dryer Combo Treadway
Haier America offers affordable, quality, energy efficient air conditioners, televisions, refrigerators, washers and other home, laundry and kitchen appliances. Haier designs inspired appliances with features youll want to post aboutand with looks youll want to show off. The shine of stainless steel and the glint of glass accented with sturdy grates and Euro-styled handles. These arent your grandmothers appliances. Theyre made for people like you who want to take care of the menial and get back to the meaningful without sacrificing style. Haier relentlessly strives for innovations and changes, hoping to lead the future life styles and improve environment performance with all-new concepts, technologies, products and services in a unique way.

Part List

CategoryPart NumberDescriptionDemand
GE Adapter - Hose-fauceY
GE Adapter - Hose-fauceY
WD-0100-03Haier Arm - Cam Follower
WD-0100-02Haier Arm-diverter Pivot 1
WD-0100-04Haier Arm-diverter Pivot 1
WD-0200-02Haier Bar-lower
Haier Belt-v (Long - V1245
WD-0700-01Haier Body
WD-0700-02Haier Body - Filter
WD-0750-33Haier Bolt
WD-0750-32Haier Bolt
WD-0750-12Haier Bolt-motor
WD-0850-32Haier Bracket - Inner Yoke
WD-0850-33Haier Bracket - Outer Yoke
WD-0850-31Haier Bracket - Upper Bala
WD-0850-30Haier Bracket-front Balanc
WD-0850-29Haier Bracket-spring
Haier Bracket-yoke W/beariY
WD-1050-01Haier Bulb - Indicator
WD-1150-04Haier Bushing-pulley
WD-1150-01Haier Bushing-rubber
WD-1330-01Haier Cam-timer
WD-1640-10Haier Clamp-bellows
WD-1640-14Haier Clamp-drain Hose
WD-1640-40Haier Clamp-hose
WD-1640-11Haier Clamp-wiring
WD-1650-03Haier Clip-air Trap
WD-1800-01Haier Condenser - Steam
WD-1870-16Haier Control - Program
WD-1900-10Haier Cord - Power
WD-1930-02Haier Counterweight - Uppe
WD-1950-22Haier Cover-dispenser
WD-1950-66Haier Cover-door Latch
WD-1950-68Haier Cover-water Slot
WD-2015-13Haier Cushion
WD-2045-02Haier Cylinder - Outer
WD-2240-01Haier Dispenser-cold Water
WD-2370-01Haier Drawer - Detergent
WD-2500-02Haier Element-filter
GE Fan - BlowerY
WD-2840-11Haier Flange - Inner Cyl F
WD-2840-09Haier Flange - Outer Cyl F
WD-2840-10Haier Flange - Outer Cyl R
WD-2950-23Haier Frame - Outer
WD-2950-24Haier Frame - Window (Inne
WD-3100-39Haier Gasket
GE Gasket - Condenser TY
WD-3100-06Haier Gasket - Tub
WD-3110-04Haier Glass - Window
WD-3350-13Haier Handle - Dispenser
WD-3350-04Haier Handle-filter
WD-3400-02Haier Heater-assy
WD-3450-08Haier Hinge
WD-3570-54Haier Hose
Haier Hose - Condenser Tan
WD-3570-53Haier Hose - Disp To Outer
WD-3570-55Haier Hose - Filter To Pum
WD-3570-17Haier Hose - Inlet
WD-3570-16Haier Hose - Pump Housing
WD-3570-56Haier Hose - Valve To Disp
Haier Hose-170mm
WD-3570-11Haier Hose-air Trap
Haier Housing - DispenserY
WD-3800-01Haier Insert-plastic
WD-3890-01Haier Junction-y
WD-4000-23Haier Knob
WD-4000-09Haier Knob-wash Cycle
WD-4390-03Haier Lock-u
GE Manifold - Blower (B
WD-4453-02Haier Manifold - Blower [
WD-4545-02Haier Module-electronic
Haier Motor
WD-4550-22Haier Motor
WD-4720-10Haier Nut
WD-5250-04Haier Pin-pivot [Latch]
WD-5300-14Haier Plate - Down-vent
WD-5300-17Haier Plate - Grounding
WD-5300-16Haier Plate - Retaining
WD-5300-15Haier Plate - Up-vent
WD-5800-05Haier Ring - Sealing
Haier Ring-gasket (Front)Y
WD-5800-13Haier Ring-gasket (Rear)
WD-6100-01Haier Screen - Door
WD-6150-98Haier Screw
WD-6190-01Haier Seal - Bellows
WD-6450-05Haier Shock-absorber
WD-6750-11Haier Spring
WD-6750-14Haier Spring-dispenser
WD-6750-13Haier Spring-handle
WD-6750-32Haier Spring-manifold
GE Striker-door Latch
WD-7000-01Haier Support - Shock Abso
WD-7000-03Haier Support-cord And Hos
WD-7000-04Haier Support-drain Hose
WD-7100-35Haier Switch
WD-7100-34Haier Switch
Haier Switch - PowerY
WD-7100-08Haier Switch - Pressure [
WD-7100-37Haier Switch - Water Level
GE Thermostat-assy KitY
WD-7400-12Haier Timer-drying
WD-7700-01Haier Trim - Worktop
WD-7750-01Haier Tube-motor Support
WD-7800-16Haier Valve
Haier Valve - Hot Water
WD-7950-23Haier Washer
WD-7950-09Haier Washer